Baking Sprays

Baking Sprays aims at meeting all te requierments of a passionate baker! Our Pan Releaser, with its no-stick power, is a convenient alternative to the more traditional baking technique of “greasing and flouring” a pan or mould and reaches every nook and cranny and moulds evenly and quickly without dirtying the hands.  Or our Food Varnish is perfect for its ability to protect and polish of chocolate decorations, sugar decorations, marzipan, pralines and showpieces as wes as other edible items. Provides shine and protection from humidity by forming a fine, thin layer of shiny spray to prevent moisture from reaching the products. Finally, our Mirror Glaze gives your cakes and bakes a beautiful mirror-like shine with our easy-to-use clear edible glaze. It is used to decorate mousse cakes, entremets, pastries and more!

Other products from Baking Sprays range will soon be available such as our Egg Wash Substitute or a whole range of Pearl Colors. Follow us to receive our news!


Pan Releaser

Non-stick baking releaser


Food Varnish

Shine-gloss protection


Mirror Glaze

Clear edible glaze

Baking Sprays: Flawless Baked Creations

When it comes to creating delectable baked goods, having the right tools and ingredients is essential. One such tool that can make a significant difference in your baking journey is a baking spray.

Choosing the Right Baking Spray

Choosing the best baking spray, whether you’re creating delicious bundt cakes or using vanilla extracts in your recipes, is essential. The right pan spray will make your baking journey a breeze, while the wrong choice can result in sticky situations.

In some cases, you might discover the joys of pan sprays specifically formulated for bundt cake baking. These pan sprays, infused with canola oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and other essential ingredients, create a non-stick coating. As a result, your cakes, cookies, and treats effortlessly release from the pan.

The added flour in these sprays, with its unique properties, complements the non-stick effect. It forms a protective barrier between the batter and the pan, ensuring that your baked goods, enhanced by vanilla extracts, easily release while preserving their quality.

Baking Spray Tips: How to Achieve Non-Stick Baking Bliss

Achieving non-stick perfection with baking sprays is easy when you follow a few essential tips:

  1. Pick the Right Baking Spray: Select one that matches your baking needs. While many sprays with flour work for various purposes, some suit specific baked goods.
  2. Proper Application: Hold the can about six inches away from the cake pan or baking dish, ensuring an even, thorough coating, as sprays typically are used.
  3. Even Distribution: Make sure the spray covers the entire surface, including corners and crevices. This will prevent any part of your baked goods from sticking.
  4. Parchment Paper vs. Baking Spray: While some bakers prefer using parchment paper for added assurance, high-quality baking sprays can often stand alone, reducing the need for parchment paper.
Enhance Your Baking with Our Trio of Essentials: Non-Stick Baking Releaser, Shine-Gloss Protection, and Clear Edible Glaze

We understand the significance of achieving the best baking results. That’s why we offer a trio of independently selected essential products to enhance your baking experience Non-Stick Baking Releaser, Shine-Gloss Protection, and Clear Edible Glaze.

Our Non-Stick Baking Releaser is specially designed for easy release. With a high-quality oil base, it’s the perfect choice for achieving non-stick perfection.

If you want a glossy finish for your baked goods, our Shine-Gloss Protection is the perfect choice. It’s specially formulated to give your creations a stunning, shiny appearance that matches their delicious taste.

Our Clear Edible Glaze is an outstanding product that adds a shiny, transparent glaze to your baked masterpieces. It enhances the visual appeal and preserves the freshness and quality of your treats.