Private Label

As a retailer or food service distributor, you specify everything about the product, what goes in it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like…
Larger single-run or small-batch, variety of materials, sizes and weights of packaging. Our standard and personalized product lines will be produced in order to get you the highest quality of product with the lowest cost.
Our team can develop a product according to your needs!

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Product line

Cooking, Baking,
Seasoning & Dressing

Batch Size

From 1500 units until
wherever you want

Product volume

Full range from 30 ml
to 750 ml


ALU or TIN cans
from diameter 35mm. to diameter 65mm. container
Packaging (sleever, label or digital printing)

Packaging Method

Bag On Valve (Cooking, Seasoning
& Dressing lines)
Gas Propellant (Baking line)

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