Baking Sprays

Baking Sprays aims at meeting all te requierments of a passionate baker! Our Pan Releaser, with its no-stick power, is a convenient alternative to the more traditional baking technique of “greasing and flouring” a pan or mould and reaches every nook and cranny and moulds evenly and quickly without dirtying the hands.  Or our Food Varnish is perfect for its ability to protect and polish of chocolate decorations, sugar decorations, marzipan, pralines and showpieces as wes as other edible items. Provides shine and protection from humidity by forming a fine, thin layer of shiny spray to prevent moisture from reaching the products. Finally, our Mirror Glaze gives your cakes and bakes a beautiful mirror-like shine with our easy-to-use clear edible glaze. It is used to decorate mousse cakes, entremets, pastries and more!

Other products from Baking Sprays range will soon be available such as our Egg Wash Substitute or a whole range of Pearl Colors. Follow us to receive our news!

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